Introducing Pumpkin Perl


An initiative started by Matt S. Trout has led to the proposal of renaming Perl 5 to Pumpkin Perl as of version 5.20.

This should have little technical implications, and is mostly for marketing purposes. The rationale behind can be found at the corresponding blog posts:

  1. Names and Numbers, Brands and Identity
  2. Pumpkin Perl: Redux
  3. Pumpkin Perl: Breakdown

Logo design

Some of you might be interested in how this logo came to be and following is a set of image dumps of the iterations:

  1. Sketches 1
  2. Sketches 2
  3. Iter. 1
  4. Iter. 2
The ideas behind the logo is to have an easy recognizable emblem to use, something that has few colors,easy to use in black/white/greyscale. The stem forms the letter P, there are 5 parts in the pumpkin. It should be modern and playful, but taken seriosuly. I wanted it to be abstract, not realistic, so it is simpler to digest. In addition, with some imagination it resembles a fist that symbolizes force. Any feedback welcome @nicomen or leave a comment


                      \o     p
({[]})  {[]}  {[|]}  {[]}  {[|]} 🎃